Nantucket boating Club started in 2008. The Nantucket Boating Club 2016 season runs from May 23th to October 10th. Each membership plan outlined below includes a specific number of peak season uses and a specific number of non-peak uses. Uses beyond those included in a member’s plan may be purchased on an as-available basis.

Remember, all plans include assistance with obtaining a Massachusetts Boating Safety Certificate course, Sea Tow protection and comprehensive on-water training with a licensed captain.

20 uses. Designed for an individual or one family/couple.
Price: $7,799

Sign Up now for the 2016 season and get unlimited use of the boats for $7,499

Weekdays are Monday through Thursday. Weekday use times are flexible and can usually be a full-day. On rare occasion, weekend hours of use will apply.

Weekends are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. A weekend use comprises one morning or one afternoon five-hour outing. Weekend sessions can often be extended beyond five-hours when the schedule permits.

A Charged Use diminishes your available use count. A use is charged to a member’s account for reservations made by a member, unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the reservation time. Uses remaining beyond the contract period do not carry over.

Additional uses: All plans allow for additional uses beyond those included in the member’s plan. Additional uses are on an as-available basis and are charged to the member’s account.

Reservations. Members may have two reservations within a floating two-week window, with one reservation per weekend. Members can request a second weekend use on standby.

NBC requires membership fees to be paid in full by March 15th. Membership is limited to maintain optimum member/boat ratios. Because the plans may sell out, we suggest that you reserve a membership now with a 10% deposit, refundable through January 1.

PRICING NOTES: Massachusetts sales tax applies to all fees.